Bulletproof E-Signature Solution when security and identity verification matters.

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Ultra Secure Multi modal e-Signature Solution

Signature fraud is a huge challenge in today’s digital world. Verifying the true identity of electronic signatories has become more important than ever. VisoSign provides a seamless and user-friendly platform that lets you send contracts, agreements, and documents to different parties while ensuring that only the specified party can sign or action these documents

Fraud-Proof eSignature solution

VisoSign utilizes multi-modal biometric technology with Artificial Intelligence to ensure that only the intended recipient can open or sign a document. Other regular e-signature solutions assume any one with access to the recipient’s email address is truly the recipient. This opens up an avenue to impersonation and identity fraud

Multi-Modal Biometrics

We combine facial, fingerprint and voice authentication to verify document recipients and signatories. No other eSignature platform offers this level of security.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart enough to quickly learn your biometric features and identify true-liveness as well as recorded voices compared to a live voice signature.

Legally Binding and Compliant

Visosign is fully compliant with the UECA and PIPEDA requirements for eSignatures. VisoSign provides an inbuilt communication feature that allows for unlimited live video calls between document sender and recipients right within the application. Witness a signature face-to-face and in real time. Eliminate the need for expensive third-party communication tools.

Painless signature experience.

Sign and prepare documents for signing in seconds. Easily create a complex signing workflow and collect legally-binding signatures and payments with a single document.

Fast & Easy

Your clients do not need to worry about printers and scanners. VisoSign has all you need to get your business moving on the go.

Seamless experience on any device.

Ability to sign documents in seconds whenever and wherever. VisoSign is available on the web as well as Android and iOS mobile applications.

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